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Disability Insurance

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If you cannot work, where will you get the money you need to live?
Working people are more likely to suffer a disability than premature death.
If you become disabled and cannot work, will you have enough money coming in to maintain your lifestyle? The fact is, far more working people are disabled in the course of their careers than die prematurely.
Disability insurance coverage will replace a portion of your salary when you can't work, helping to cover your day-to-day living expenses without draining whatever savings you've accumulated.
You may already have some disability insurance as part of an employee's benefit plan, or be eligible for some worker's compensation assistance, but is that coverage adequate on its own? Can it provide enough income, or pay benefits for a sufficient length of time?

Other questions you need to ask when you're considering disability coverage:
If I'm injured and can't work at all, when will I start receiving payments?
If I go to back to work and have a relapse, will I still be covered?
What happens if my disability prevents me from ever returning to my chosen career, but I can still work in other jobs?
How does the policy define "disability"? (Read the fine print!)
Am I covered for a disabling illness, and not just injury?
What about mental or nervous disorders?
Can I even qualify for disability insurance in my occupation?
Get the right Disability Insurance for your needs
There are many variations of disability insurance, and you need to know the right questions to ask to help you pick the best possible combination of adequate coverage and reasonable premiums.

At PF Northeast Brokerage, we can make it simple and convenient for you to get the answers you need. We offer a range of disability insurance policies, to give you peace of mind. Get a quote today by simply contacting us for more information on what kind of disability insurance coverage could be right for you.

Client Testimonials

  1. "I was always reluctant to believe insurance company being customer's side, i thought they would hide behind paper work and fine prints when it comes to claims. Until I had an experience with PF Northeast claims service. I was surprised and relieved when i got a call from PF Northeast claims service informing me that they have taken care of the claim within few hours." - M.Taylor
  2. "My teenage son was about to be licensed, so I called my agent to ask, "Should I add him to my policy, or should I get a separate policy?" We talked about costs and available discounts. I really appreciated the suggestions on how to minimize the extra expense, and I feel I got a good value plus solid advice tailored to my situation." - T.Addison
  3. "I have never shopped for other auto or home insurance. I have been satisfied with my claims experiences and my agent. I still feel loyal to the company and will not switch. I have other PF Northeast products and I have been satisfied with the service overall. I hear from my agent mostly by mail and that is acceptable to me." - M.Smith
  4. "I love PF Northeast Brokerage not only they are on your side, but excellent service is a rare commodity anymore. My experience with PF Northeast Brokerage has been excellent. If I have a problem I call up my Insurance Agent, and all problems are taken care to my satisfaction." -G.Kelly