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Flood Insurance

Demo Image While floods can cause major destruction, the damage caused by floods is not covered by standard Homeowners insurance. That's why PF Northeast brokerage offers flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. A flood insurance policy provides the specialized coverage you need to help protect your home, condo or business from rising waters.

PF Northeast Brokerage Flood policies can provide coverage for: - Flood damage to your home's structure as well as items like your furnace and water heater
- Flood damage to your furniture, rugs, appliances, and clothing (with limitations for basement areas)
- Expenses you incur to protect your home against imminent flood damage by sandbagging or other measures
- Clean-up costs for covered items after a flood, including debris removal

Flood insurance may not be as expensive as you might think, and the benefits of coverage can vastly outweigh the costs of repairs and replacements. Properties located in low to moderate risk zones, may be eligible for a Preferred Risk Policy (PRP), a low cost option that will allow property owners and businesses to protect themselves against the devastating effects of flooding.

If your home, condo or personal property is damaged due to flooding, rest assured that PF Northeast brokerage has the people, resources, and services to resolve your claim quickly and professionally. A flood insurance policy typically has a 30 day waiting period before the policy can become effective. Therefore it is important to plan ahead. Simply call our Flood Claim Hotline.

Client Testimonials

  1. "I was always reluctant to believe insurance company being customer's side, i thought they would hide behind paper work and fine prints when it comes to claims. Until I had an experience with PF Northeast claims service. I was surprised and relieved when i got a call from PF Northeast claims service informing me that they have taken care of the claim within few hours." - M.Taylor
  2. "My teenage son was about to be licensed, so I called my agent to ask, "Should I add him to my policy, or should I get a separate policy?" We talked about costs and available discounts. I really appreciated the suggestions on how to minimize the extra expense, and I feel I got a good value plus solid advice tailored to my situation." - T.Addison
  3. "I have never shopped for other auto or home insurance. I have been satisfied with my claims experiences and my agent. I still feel loyal to the company and will not switch. I have other PF Northeast products and I have been satisfied with the service overall. I hear from my agent mostly by mail and that is acceptable to me." - M.Smith
  4. "I love PF Northeast Brokerage not only they are on your side, but excellent service is a rare commodity anymore. My experience with PF Northeast Brokerage has been excellent. If I have a problem I call up my Insurance Agent, and all problems are taken care to my satisfaction." -G.Kelly